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Before we knew what it was Whois better we read the first whois established.

WHOIS was standardized in the early 1980s to look up domains, people and other resources related to domain and number registrations. As all registration was done by one organization at that time, one centralized server was used for WHOIS queries. This made looking up such information very easy

20th century WHOIS servers were highly permissive and would allow wild-card searches. A WHOIS query of a person's last name would yield all individuals with that name. A query with a given keyword returned all registered domains containing that keyword. A query for a given administrative contact returned all domains the administrator was associated with. Since the advent of the commercialized Internet, multiple registrars and unethical spammers, such permissive searching is no longer available

On December 1, 1999, management of the top-level domains (TLDs) com, net, and org was assigned to ICANN. At the time, these TLDs were converted to a thin WHOIS model. Existing WHOIS clients stopped working at that time. A month later, it had self-detecting Common Gateway Interface support so that the same program could operate a web-based WHOIS lookup, and an external TLD table to support multiple WHOIS servers based on the TLD of the request. This eventually became the model of the modern WHOIS client.

By 2005, there were many more generic top-level domains than there had been in the early 1980s. There are also many more country-code top-level domains. This has led to a complex network of domain name registrars and registrar associations, especially as the management of Internet infrastructure has become more internationalized. As such, performing a WHOIS query on a domain requires knowing the correct, authoritative WHOIS server to use. Tools to do WHOIS proxy searches have become common.

Source from wikipedia.

What is Whois?

If we search for in search engines that are popular today are Google , we would type that is

what is whois ?

There are more than 1m results that will emerge from google , with a very confusing explanation of his course.Therefore this article in neatly stacking the definition and explanation of whois it is more easily understood more easily understood by the readers of his course .

For a beginner or who are learning in the computer and its network would need to know the name whois.

Whois in World Encyclopedia website , or commonly called wikipedia are as follows :

WHOIS (pronounced as the phrase who is) is a query and response protocol that is widely used for querying databases that store the registered users or assignees of an Internetresource, such as a domain name, an ip address block, or an autonomous system, but is also used for a wider range of other information. The protocol stores and delivers database content in a human-readable format.

The above article its the understanding whois from wikipedia ,

If we reread the definition whois according to wikipedia is so long , it would take days to memorize these terms .

Among the whois sense that so much,we can describe it is that the whois is a service / internet facility which is used to get information about a registered domain .

It is easier to be understood not ?

So whois it is an internet service which is used to get information about a registered domain in order to access the data domain information such as the name of the domain owner , ip address , and age of the domain name server

To see whois that we have or see domain whois data , we can use a whois lookup. Whois lookup is a command line application to query the database whois , whois lookup is used by administrators network . However in development , to be able to see we can use the domain whois , be some sites that we can use as example domainwhitepages.com or whois.domaintools . com . By using the site we will get some information such as the following :

Whois Record

Whois Record is one domain that serves the data record to see data domains such as domain information faberhost.com :

  • 1. Ownership Information Domains / Registrant of FaberHost.com
    • Own Domain Name
    • Address Own Domain
    • Phone , Fax and Email Own Domain
  • 2. Information from the domain registrar stating the domain in the list and managed by ONLINENIC
  • 3. Date of Creation , Renewal Date and the Expiration Date domain
  • 4. IP Server , and Location Server
    • IP :
    • Location Server in Indonesia
  • 5. NS ( Name Server ) Hosting of FaberHost.com :
    • NS1.FaberhostServer.com
    • NS2.FaberhostServer.com

Examples of faberhost.com Detail Whois Record

Whois Record Screen

By using whois , you will know who the owner of the domain. It is very important for those who have registered a domain to the domain provider .

Remember you as a buyer is the owner of the domain you buy . If the WHOIS data presented did not show that you are the owner of that domain, then you have been deceived by domain provider where you purchased the domain

Whois also has a feature that protects the whois privacy ( whois protection)

Whois Privacy ( Privacy Protection).

In his general , not all the data of whois we can see . That's because not everyone wants the data themselves known to others for certain reasons . Therefore , they use the whois privacy to hide their information data. What 's whois privacy and how to use it? Whois privacy or known also as the Privacy Protection is a service in a managed account on each domain to hide data in order to contact the domain registrant can not dilhat by lain . Data - domain registrant 's contact data includes the name of the domain owner , address , email ,phone number. etc. ( as mentioned above )

Why should enable Whois privacy ?

By activating the service whois privacy , we can hide / protect the data or information regarding the ownership of the domain that we use so that our data is not misused by others , such as sending spam email to kita.Yang known to those of whois domain that is not in protection .

Enabling Whois privacy

In general, whois privacy services already exist in the managed domain accounts given by our registers . However , generally the policy of each of the different registers . Some are directly activate the service by the additional cost and there is also directly activated free of charge as a form of support services provided. Apart from paid or free , here we will convey how to activate service whois privacy . To activate the service , make sure the domain account you have provided features whois privacy / privacy protection .

Whois Privacy

If the service offered paid we just need to order them on our register page to manage domain and re-order to enable privacy protection . Then there will be a confirmation and guidance to enable it. Here is a picture of one of the registers when will enable privacy protection .

As for the whois privacy activate the free service , we can directly activate it from the domain account manage kita. Here's an example of the picture ..

whois privacy protection

Do you know what is contained in the whois ?

when we do a whois of a domain then we will look at four things that normally exist in the whois is :

( example: whois.sc, whois.net dll )

1. Administrative Contact

Is the domain owner has the right until the deadline (expires date) that have been listed . those listed on this point has walah authorizes for an update to the domain such as renew, transfer dll)

2. Technical Contact

Is the party who is delegated by domain owners , to manage the technical name of the server , from a domain name . Register a domain2 which are usually at the same time ordering hosting at yahoo.com Technical Contact will be listed domains are from the yahoo.com ( also some other companies)

3. Billing Contact

Is the party to a payment , or receive a bill from the registered domain .

4. Name server

Is the name of the server whose domain is addressed ( ns1 and ns2 ) in many cases , points 1,2,3 enough in the content by one name . although it is possible pihak2 masing2 delegated to others.

Well in addition to the 4 things that we also can know the status of the Domain . there are some status in your domain :


Domain in the active position and can do any changes to the domain owner,as example : transfer,push etc.


Domains in the active position but by the owner of the domain with locking security reasons in doing so can not make a change in ownership of the domain.


Domain will be removed and can be re-enroll within 37-82 days. not all REGISTRAR - HOLD status will be removed because it still allows domain owners to extend their time .


Domain will be removed and can be re-enroll within 31 days .


Domain will be removed and can be re-enroll within 6 days.


Domains in the active position but by the registers with locking security reasons in doing so can not make any changes in ownership of the domain (usually in the lock by the registry for reasons of fraud , etc. )


Domain will be back in the active position , after extended by a previous owner .

Other functions in addition to identifying the identity of Whois domain , whois also has four other special functions are as follows :

  • 1. Supports the security and stability of the Internet by providing information of contact related to networks , ISPs and domain owners.
  • 2. To get a domain availability information . So if the domain is available in the sense of not registered by someone else , then you can do the registration for the domain name.
  • 3. Make it easier for law enforcement in the investigation of violations of law in a country , such as terrorism , pornography , organ trafficking , and illegal content.
  • 4. To facilitate data retrieval for copyright and trademark.
  • 5. Contribute to the confidence of visitors when visiting a site , such as e-commerce sites ( online store ) , social institutions , or companies that offer products services.

  • – The conclusion that we can take is whois it is a service / internet facility which is used to get information about a registered domain.
  • – To perform command line , we use a whois lookup.
  • – To hide / protect the data or information regarding the ownership of the domain that we use so that our data is not misused by others we use whois privacy ( whois protection).
  • – Things that normally exist in the whois is:
    • 1. Administrative Contact
    • 2 Technical Contact
    • 3.Billing Contact
    • 4. Name server
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